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There's Always Something Fun To Do Along our Backroads of Appalachia

We know riding our totally entertaining back roads are your main goal but there's more... after-all, you've got to stop to refuel, grab a bite and rest your head before your next trek along our Appalachian Backroads. You get thirsty... check out our Spirits of the Clinch. And yep, we have a free map for that too!

Check out our music. Can't go wrong starting at the Carter Family Fold - the true birthplace of Country music! Give us a holler and we'll send you the brochure. Better yet, get on that ride and check 'em out yourself!

Want to take a break and do some fishing? Well, guess what... we can hook you up with a free Fishing Guide

There's a wealth of See & Do musts in the Heart of Appalachia along our backroads! If you need help, just let us know.  And we even have an App for that to map your favorites!

Once again, our friends at RoadRUNNER Magazine assisted us in the update of our Appalachian Backroads map and we're pleased to say it's here!

Our partnership with RoadRUNNER grew after they spent days, on more than one occasion, riding our roads and they helped us expand and refine the original routes so you'll get the most out of the best back roads in the region! They even laid claim to their favorite route, named in their honor, the ROADRUNNER!


Enjoy your ride!  

RoadRUNNER added a technical difficulty indicator to our routes.  One curvy arrow is "technical" and two curvy arrows indicate an "extremely technical" route. 






Let us know how we can help!  Besides free maps, we can point you in the right direction for lodging, entertainment, outdoor adventures and more to meet your wants and needs.



With over 1,500 miles of vetted back road ridin' waiting for your wheels to roll along, you'll need a comfy place to rest your head. We can help with that! Our brand new map includes the best lodging choices by route.


Here's a glimpse at our tried and true back roads routes. Click on an icon to go to the detailed route page for turn-by-turn directions, GPX and a downloadable tankbag maps. 

Welcome to 32 miles of premier East Coast motorcycle riding. You'll find unmatched beauty and excitement on Virginia's Route 16...   read more.

Appalachian Backroads Corkscrew Route Icon

Corkscrew-line curves take you to stunning overlooks at Breaks Interstate Park and past the vineyards in Wise. Wind through 123 miles of bliss...   read more.

Appalachian Backroads Gargoyle Route Icon

This route boasts 92 miles of curvy riding including the 80 "Curves of Challenge" along Virginia's scenic byway, Route 80. Capture the views...   read more

Appalachian Backroads Scorpion Route Icon

Approximately 138 miles, the Scorpion offers twisty roads and mountain climbs and includes a trip through Burkes Garden, God's Thumbprint...   read more.

Appalachian Backroads Black Snake Route Icon

Dare to tame two technical rides? We dare you to ride Black Snake and Moonshiner's Run together for 130 miles of coiled adventure...  read more.

Appalachian Backroads Bootlegger Route Icon

The bootlegging trade flourished in these Appalachian Mountains and led directly to the "lawless decade" of the 1920s. 145 miles of back road awesome... read more.

Appalachian Backroads Daniel Boone Route Icon

Follow in the footsteps of early pioneers through Virginia's westernmost county. Visit Wilderness Road State Park and Martin's Station...   read more.

Appalachian Backroads Eagle's Nest Route Icon

The valleys on the Eagle's Nest 90 mile loop provided routes to early pioneers as they moved westward to Cumberland Gap. Wind your way along...    read more.

Appalachian Backroads Heartbreaker Route Icon

This 143 mile route will take you through the Grand Canyon of the South, Breaks Interstate Park, where you might get a glimpse of elk grazing...   read more

Appalachian Backroads Panther's Breath Route Icon

Starting at the 8th Wonder of the World, Natural Tunnel State Park, ride this 129 mile ribbon spying abundant wildlife along the way...   read more.

Appalachian Backroads Skull Cracker Route Icon

This scenic route passes historical buildings, a stunning waterfall, and charming small towns. Take a side trip to Creation Kingdom Zoo or...   read more.

Appalachian Backroads RoadRUNNER Route Icon

Motorcycling the High Mountain Country of Virginia is a stellar experience with mountaintop elevations. Our friends at RoadRUNNER Magazine...   read more.

Appalachian Backroads Strippers Run Route Icon

Strippers Run honors the coal miners who worked to strip coal from these Appalachian Mountains. The KY scenic byway traverses Pine Mtn...   read more.

Appalachian Backroads Woodbooger Route Icon

The Woodbooger, aka Big Foot, lives in the highlands near Norton and is memorialized by his stature at Flag Rock. Tackle this 75 miles to...   read more.

Appalachian Backroads Motorcycle Route Archives Icon

You'll find our original routes here as well as the original map downloads. What started with a few back roads in 2013, is in these archives...   read more.

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