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At the westernmost tip of Virginia, wedged tightly between Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and North Carolina, you'll find the Heart of Appalachia, literally the center point of the Appalachian Mountains and home to our Appalachian Backroads.  Our friend at RoadRUNNER Magazine, Florian Neuhauser, describes our area as "A region with so much natural beauty, sinuous asphalt, and tourism still largely in its infancy, it's the perfect area to explore on two wheels."

Appalachian Backroads Buchanan County, Virginia

Buchanan County

Buchanan County Tourism


Adventure Buchanan County

for outdoor recreation, curvy

backroad riding, ATVing,

hiking, biking, golf and more!

Appalachian Backroads, Dickenson County, Virginia

Dickenson County

Dickenson County Tourism


Curvy riding to the Grand

Canyon of the South – Breaks

Interstate Park, Cranesnest,

Birch Knob and more!

Appalachian Backroads, Lee County, Virginia

Lee County

Lee County Tourism


There's a lot to love in Lee County. Curvy backroad ridin', outdoor recreation, and down home hospitality await. Follow the Wilderness Road!

Appalachian Backroads, Russell County, Virginia

Russell County

Russell County Tourism


There's a lot to love in Russell County. Scenic backroad rides to:

• Channels Natural Area Preserve

• Pinnacle Natural Area Preserve

• Clinch River

 Clinch Mtn. Wildlife Mgmt. Area

Appalachian Backroads, Scott County, Virginia

Scott County

Scott County Tourism


Ride the Panther's Breath and Skull Cracker... great backroad ridin' awaits!

Appalachian Backroads, Tazewell County, Virginia home to the Back of the Dragon

Tazewell County

Tazewell County Tourism



Home of the world famous Back of the Dragon and Scorpion backroads routes!


Wise County

Wise County Tourism

Backroad thrills, outdoor adventures, and charming mountain towns, featuring great food and lodging options await you in Wise County!

Flag Rock Sun Flag.jpg

City of Norton


Scenic backroad rides to:

• Flag Rock Recreation Area

• Flag Rock Area Trails

• Woodbooger Sanctuary

• Country Cabin II Old-time &

   Bluegrass Music on Sat. Nights

 Great Restaurants & Lodging

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