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Need a Reason to Ride?

There was a time back roads riding was the only way to get from place to place. Folks smiled and waved at the occupants of each car or bike they passed... they were courteous, friendly folk enjoying the drive. Then Interstates came along. Unfortunately, the super highways, expressways and freeways by-passed many of the quaint townships ribboned together by beautiful, lush landscapes and scenic ribbons of two lane roads. In favor of speeding up and getting from point A to B as direct and fast as possible became paramount to enjoyment.

But we know better. Back roads take us to magical places. They tie us to our heritage, they bring out the explorer in us and they offer a myriad of unique adventure opportunities. Meandering brings back those courteous gestures, the urge to stop and chat up the locals, the smiles. So take some advice... slow down and get on some roads less travelled!

Expanded routes, now over 1500 miles of exploration, breathtaking overlooks, epic elevation changes, natural wonders, historic towns & landmarks! What are you waiting for? We're happy to announce the third generation Appalachian Backroads crooked ridin' back roads map. Yes, it's still FREE and we invite you to take advantage of our generosity and take a ride on the wild side on our Appalachian Backroads! Located in the western corner of Virginia, this set of riding routes loop you through curvy mountain riding, rolling hills, waterfalls, rivers and small towns. Spend the night in one of the local towns and ride a different route every morning. The routes range from 60 to well over 100 miles each, curves and straight-aways, elevation changes from mild to extreme, and personality only found in the Heart of All Things Fun... the Heart of Appalachia, Virginia's western tip Overlooks with 360 degree views reward the rider who climbs the crooked mountain roads of this beautiful region.

In addition to expanding and combining some of our original routes, we've added a few. The newest map traces 14 of them to explore. And the website offers even more exploration. You won't want to miss some of the side trips off those to give you even more curvy back road adventures to enjoy. These arteries take you off the beaten path even further, connect with other main routes and take the guessing out of making an impulse turn because something catches your interest. If the artery is marked on the map, it's been tested. Note that these routes are working roads and may not be manicured so always use caution when traveling. Don't be surprised if you happen upon resident wildlife. We've seen bear, bobcat, deer, turkey, fox and other fur and feathered friends along our way. You'll traverse farmland as well as woods, valleys to ridges and on occasion expect to share the road with a farm tractor, logging or coal truck. You may parallel or cross railroad tracks or follow alongside a river or stream. You'll find yourself traversing state lines into Kentucky, West Virginia or Tennessee from time to time on your journey.

Take your time, explore and enjoy your ride on the wild side of our Appalachian Backroads... fun on 2 wheels or 4!

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